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Are you looking for a timeless and trendy hairstyle? Why not try braids. If it’s your first time, know that crochet braids will be a nice option. Easy to install and satisfactory result, there is nothing better.

Braids are made for all faces. They look majestic. Today, it is the big Afro-American stars who adorn their heads with beautiful braids. They stand out more on slightly more voluminous hair. But by crochet braids, it is possible to have pretty braids even having thin hair by nature.

Zizi Hair Crochet Braids are pre-braided strands of hair to save you from spending long hours at the hairdresser. All you have to do is crochet and have a braid head ready. We have smooth and wavy zizi braids .

These crochet braids are exceptional:

  • Choose the color that you like the most between black and ash brown.
  • Do you want to have length? you will be well served
  • They are made on all types of hair, long or short, as long as they are possible to braid in a plate
  • Small braids make your look unique

How to properly maintain your braiding locks?

Do you plan to use your crochet braids several times? There is only one way, maintain the goods. Here are some steps:

  • Choose a shampoo corresponding to the type of hair chosen
  • For washing, do not be aggressive, but rather meticulous, take each wick
  • Before going to bed, to keep the hair hydrated, apply a moisturizer to the strands and roots before covering with a satin cap
  • Use a satin pillow so as not to weaken the braids.

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