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If you want to make braids, vanillas, buns, ponytails, Senegalese braids, lying pigtails or any similar hairstyle, you have come to the right place to have your x-pression hair ultra braids wicks to braid.
This xpression braiding hair is designed with high quality synthetic hair to give a perfect illusion of real human hair. It exists in several colors and its generous length of 82 inches, or 208.28 cm, allows it to perform any hairstyle to enhance your look.

Your xpression braiding wick is made entirely of the best fibers to give them a natural look. Thanks to their superior quality, the synthetic wicks in 100% kanekalon fiber adapt perfectly to all styles of braids, whether they are stitched loose or glued. They allow you to make beautiful box braids. Lightweight, long and soft, these locks are not prone to tangling. Your xpression braiding wick will withstand thermal heat up to 150°C. To curl it, just dip it lightly in hot water. Two to four packs of the xpression highlight collection can be enough to style the entire head.

How to take advantage of your x-pression hair ultra braids braiding locks to restore your natural hair?

You can take advantage of wearing your xpression braiding wick to work on the return to the naturalness of your hair. Once a week, wash your hair with alkaline soap when your locks are removed. Then, test the porosity of your hair fiber by soaking it in a glass of water, low if the hair floats on the surface, high if it settles at the bottom of the glass and normal if it floats in the middle. Depending on these characteristics, you will choose between moisturizing, proteinating or nourishing your hair. If you are regular, you will have the desired result in a few weeks.

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