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For an effectively fixed and held wig, you need to choose a high-quality, waterproof wig glue with a tack that won’t break instantly. Thanks to simple operation, you can apply the glue in small lines without sticking your fingers, by pressing lightly on the tube.

This waterproof wig glue is as effective on wigs as it is on weaves, and stays 100% waterproof at all times. No trace and no residue is left after drying for an invisible effect. Your hairstyle will look ultra natural and won’t move throughout the day, even if it’s hot, you’re doing sports or swimming, thanks to its highly effective seal.

This strong adhesive or weave glue allows you to go about your day without worrying about the wig and without it moving, no matter what your day’s activities are. So you can give yourself the look and hairstyle you want every day and simply apply it for a strong adhesive effect.

Before using this glue, it is recommended to put a few drops on the scalp to see if you are sensitive to it or not.

To use weave or wig glue, pull all the hair back, holding it with pliers to avoid sticking it with the product.

How to use Waterproof Glue for Wigs

  • Prepare your wig for the installation by bringing all the hair back and holding it fixed with a clip before preventing strands of hair from getting tangled in the glue.
  • Clean the areas you will stick with alcohol and spray a professional protectant to protect yourself and for optimal cleaning. We recommend our ki-kise skin protector for professional cleaning and at the same time protecting your skin.
  • Après 3 à 5 couches de colles appliquées sur le cuir chevelu, mettez la perruque synthétique à la racine des cheveux et appuyez quelques minutes, puis laissez écher 30 minutes avant de la coiffer, ou d’utiliser un sèche-cheveux.
  • Une fois votre perruque collée vous devrez attendre au moins 24h avant de mouiller vos cheveux.

Comment Entretenir

  • La colle pour perruque KI-KISE est une colle waterproof, insoluble à l’eau donc vous pourrez entretenir aisément votre coiffure
  • Il est recommandé de dormir avec un bonnet de nuit afin de préserver vos extensions et perruques. Et si possible utilisé un cordon de serrage pour la zone frontale afin de protéger vos cheveux des frottements pouvant accélérer le vieillissement de la coiffure mais aussi la casse des cheveux. De magnifiques bonnets de nuits.
  • You can also use KI-KISE hair growth oil , by applying small doses to the edges of your hair.
  • Restore shine to your wig with the hair mousse from KI-KISE. A mousse made to complete your hairstyle.


  • Water, acrylate copolymer, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium dihydroxyacetate, perfume.


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