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Having weaves suitable for all hair types and 100% natural is not given to everyone. This is why some women opt for the best qualities. But what is it? We tell you everything!

Hair weaving has several advantages, starting with the fact that it requires no chemicals, and is therefore more respectful of the hair than other methods of hair addition. 

Be different and gain a good length of your hair with our Vietnamese Remy Double Weft Deep Wave Hair Weaves , curly in black color.

These Vietnamese natural hair extensions stand out for their durability over time, you can wear your wavy hair for a few weeks or a few months, as you wish, and reuse them afterwards when you feel like it!

  • Our Vietnamese hair weaves are soft, silky, smooth with a natural shine
  • Different lengths are available according to your needs
  • Vietnamese natural weaves can be washed, dried, or styled depending on the style you like
  • They can also be suitable for all types of hairstyles
  • They adapt easily to any type of face
  • Their wavy appearance brings you back to a certain softness and elegance, an undeniable beauty asset!


All about laying Vietnamese Natural Remy Double Weft Deep Wave hair weaves

There are several ways to do a hair weave, it all depends on your goal. Whether it is a partial or full hair weave, certain key steps must be followed.

  • Wash your hair well before applying the weaves
  • If you want to have longer and more voluminous hair, the principle is to braid a part of the back of the head to which you will attach the weaving band and sew it.
  • You can sew your Vietnamese hair weaves all around the head and cover with your hair for a hairstyle in the wind, with this method, you keep your natural hair on top of the head. The rendering is very natural
  • You can also place your weave all around your head and opt for one of our closures for a natural effect.
  • Hair weaves are very recommended in winter and allow you to wear hairstyles that protect your hair from breakage

How to maintain Vietnamese hair weaves and keep them for as long as possible

  • Treat it like your own hair
  • Wash with mild shampoo once a week
  • Do not grasp the hairline too much when washing.
  • These weavings require careful maintenance in order to best preserve the intact curls.
  • Regularly maintain your weaves in order to maintain an optimum and reusable lifespan up to more than 4 times

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