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The way you comb and brush your hair is a very important step in your hair care. Which hairbrush to choose to gently detangle your hair and that of your children?

Our ultra soft detangling hairbrush is the most popular hairbrush on the market today. What positive feedback!

We offer on our online site a detangling hairbrush that has proven itself with our customers. Our Ultra Soft Detangling Brush has revolutionized the hairbrush market, transforming a once painful and time-consuming task into something simple and enjoyable.

Spend a pleasant moment between parents and children with this original brush and detangle the hair of your little ones without stress. The hairbrush has a soft, non-slip rubber handle that allows you to grip it securely. Detangling brushes quickly and gently detangle messy hair, and are suitable for straight, curly, wavy and frizzy hair. You have understood that it adapts to your hair and respects each of its natural specificities.

The ultra-soft detangling hairbrush for kids and adults has ultra-soft bristles that glide through tangles and dissolve them without breaking hair and painlessly. The bristles are meant to create relaxation by gently stroking your hair and separating tangles more easily.

Our signature detangling hairbrushes come in a variety of colors, choose with your little one and discover their favorite color.

Can’t wait to see her eyes sparkle with joy at the prospect of your hair care session? Order now.

How to use your ultra-soft detangling hairbrush for children and adults

  • Divide the hair to be detangled into 4 or more portions
  • Please spray your detangling care on the part to detangle
  • Start by detangling the roots by gently combing each knot (if you encounter a lot of knots, be sure to work only the hairline first and concentrate on each knot)
  • Brush from bottom to top when all knots are dissolved
  • Repeat the operation on the other portions of hair

How to wash your ultra-soft detangling hairbrush for children and adults

  • Clean the bristles of your brush with a comb or your fingers and be sure to remove all the hair that is there.
  • Then, rinse the brush with mild shampoo or detergent and rinse well.
  • Let it air dry

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