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Looking for a wavy ponytail extension that elongates your back, go for the synthetic wavy ponytail for women that suits any hair type and you can style as you like.

Your wavy ponytail is made from high quality synthetic fibers, soft fibers like real human hair. This ponytail is easy to place and convenient to wear. It only takes a few seconds to put it on and take it off. Its softness to the touch blends in perfectly with your hair.
If you want some volume in your hair, wrap it all the way up and tie it up so you can tie your wavy ponytail straight into it . It brings immediate change to the beauty of your hair whether long or short, thin or thick. This wavy ponytail is the ideal solution if you want to have a long ponytail in less than a minute. You can execute a dazzling hairstyle even at home with this ponytail extension. You will be satisfied to realize that the result is as impressive as that produced by a professional.

Your wavy ponytail is appropriate for all occasions such as parties, business meetings, a night out or an important date. It can also be an original gift to offer. You can also use it to change your look. The wavy ponytail ponytail is always surprising if you want an amazing result with an elegant style. You can try all the usual ponytail placements, up or down the scalp or on the sides to get the perfect look.

To maintain it properly, simply soak it with mild shampoo in lukewarm water and dry it naturally. This simple ritual is enough to keep it smooth, clean and detangled.

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