Silicone brush for shampoo and hair care





The silicone shampoo and hair care brush is a special brush designed to accompany hair care and ensure effective scalp washing.

During your shampoo, use the silicone brush to deeply cleanse your scalp by making circular movements with the brush, which eliminates dandruff and all product residues on your scalp.

The silicone shampoo brush also massages the scalp, which stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

Our silicone brush has been designed to fit your hands comfortably and effectively, improving the grip of the device so it won’t slip, even when your hands are full of foam.

How to use the silicone shampoo brush

  • Use the silicone brush to evenly disperse the shampoo through your damp hair.
  • During the shampoo, make circular movements on the scalp to massage and exfoliate the scalp
  • Also use during scalp massages with oil to strengthen the roots.
  • Also use the silicone brush to evenly distribute the conditioner or hair mask on the strands.

How to maintain

  • To clean your rubber scalp massager, gently pull the strands of hair out with your hands or a small brush so the rubber bristles don’t break.
  • Place hot water in a basin or sink. In the water, put a few drops of mild shampoo. Mild shampoo.
  • Use shampoo and water to gently clean the massager. – Wash the brush well and air dry it.

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