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The evolution in the hair world now allows anyone to have the type of hair they want and to change it without limit. All this thanks to wigs, weaves and hair extensions of all kinds.

Our short hair headband wig will also allow you to change your look in the blink of an eye.

Our short hair headband wig is the best choice for anyone who wants to have a practical and above all quick hairstyle to put on in all circumstances. No glue needed! You can simply put your synthetic wig on your head and add the headband supplied with it or another of your choice.

It is your lifeline for your busy days even for your work or your meetings, or simply for your leisure and fitness. It’s as simple as putting on a hat.

Our Short synthetic hair headband wig has advantages that will please you:

  • A detachable and therefore washable and exchangeable headband
  • High quality synthetic hair
  • Comfortable
  • An original style
  • Affordable wig headbands for every budget and a unique style for every woman!

How to install the short synthetic hair headband wig?

  • First, to make the wig look as natural as possible, make sure your hair is very flat underneath.
  • Wear a wig cap to protect and hold your hair flat
  • Put the wig directly on your head and adjust the
  • Then put on your headband
  • Pass your fingers through the wig and style as desired

Lo and behold, wearing a headband wig is very simple and only takes a few minutes to change your look!

Maintaining your Synthetic Hair Wig Headband, how to do it?

  • Wash your headband after a few days of use to avoid bad odors, dirt and dust build-up
  • Use your usual products formulated for synthetic hair to clean your wig
  • When you store your wig put it in the satin bag offered by Xquisite Hair Line during your purchase.

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