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If you are looking for an easy-to-install accessory for your daily hair routine, short synthetic hair buns easy to make with a smooth extension will be perfect.
Your short updos are made of shiny and durable synthetic hair. They are made from high quality fibers that mimic natural hair. They do not smell, flexible, soft, washable, durable, they are pleasant to wear. If you are looking to add volume to your hair and structure your hairstyles, these short chignons will be essential for you.

On the hairstyle side, the advantages of your short buns are numerous. Already, they can be placed and voila, no need to rack your brains if you are in a hurry. When you have more time, you can perform more elaborate buns. Indeed, your short buns can be worked to have wide curls. Embellished with one or a few braids, or an accessory, your bun will give you a sublime result! If you want to wear them for events, you can opt for a more classic bun, in a strict and smooth version. You can also put your short buns asymmetrically, perfect for a slender neck that releases the nape of the neck.

How to put your short buns?

To style your short buns , you can pull your real hair back into a bun or tie it into a ponytail before securing it over either. If you have short hair, you can make a rock bun, romantic, simple and chic, in a tousled style. This hairstyle is excellent on short hair and gives a more voluminous and sophisticated effect. Your short chignons can also be your ally in your daily life and will save you from wasting time styling while you will have the same result. You can wash it as many times as necessary and without special care

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