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For good occasions, or a simple hair change, braids remain a great alternative. Do you have short hair, but want long braids? Our 24 inch twisted crochet senegalese braids will do the trick perfectly. These hair extensions are handmade according to Senegalese tradition with high quality synthetic locks. Several color tones are available to make you change your look as much as you want without having the same head.

The wicks are therefore pre-twisted and work well, you only have to place them using a hook: guaranteed time saving for your hair and even to remove them. Our Senegalese twist crochet braids  can be placed on all hair types, the locks are ultra light and heat resistant. So you can make waves or curls on your braids with steam and hot water.

You will be seduced by the multitude of advantages provided by these Senegalese crochet braids:

  • The 24 inches will allow you to experience having long hair.
  • Achieve multitudes of looks with her braids. It exists in several colors from dark and discreet to super flashy colors.
  • They will give character to your face
  • They match all hair types

The steps to follow for laying Senegalese crochet braids

Your natural hair will be hidden with its crochet braids for a few weeks. Proper preparation will prevent disaster for your hair after the delay. For it :

  • It is important to prepare the hair before laying to avoid any damage during the time of laying the braids until the moment of removing them. This consists of washing your hair and moisturizing it the day before.
  • After preparation, all that remains is to lay the crochet braids. As always, make plaited braids and insert your braid locks using a hook before tying it. The time it takes depends on the length and style of braid to be made.

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