Satin Nightcaps zero frizz solution





By wearing this satin nightcap when you sleep, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend in front of your dressing table in the morning.

In addition, by adopting this satin nightcap , you are also helping to protect your bedding. Indeed, in any case, your hair is not likely to stain your pillowcases or your sheets with the hair products applied to your mane.

If you want to take care of your hair even while you sleep, wear this satin nightcap !

  • Material: Highest quality satin polyester. Unlike cotton, the material that is mainly used to make bedding, satin has the power to keep your hair moisturized;
  • Its softness limits frizz and breakage while providing comfort during sleep;
  • Its big elastic band allows it to stay well until you wake up;
  • Colori: chic and elegant, enough to allow you to be stylish even while you sleep;
  • Suitable for women and girls with curly, nappy, wavy hair and those who want to protect their tresses.

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