Premium Quality Virgin Indian Weave Hair Extensions 16 Inches





Want to beautify your hair? Instantly transform your look with our incredible quality and competitively priced virgin Indian weave hair extensions !

Virgin hair that has not undergone any chemical treatment. The natural color of Indian hair depending on the regions can be black, dark brown and light brown.

Very discreet, these straight hair extensions blend into your hair for a natural look.

  • Our straight virgin Indian weave hair extensions are premium quality, untreated hair with original color, so they can withstand coloring and bleaching.
  • Length of straight virgin indian weave hair extensions  : 16 inches
  • Hair sewn on the strip respecting the directiona of the cuticles in order to avoid knots
  • You can wash, straighten, curl and style them however you like
  • Our Indian hair extensions are easy to maintain and are reusable

                 How to apply Straight Virgin Indian Weave Hair Extensions?

  • You will need a tail comb, which will make it easier for you to post the Extensions
  • Make a horizontal parting at the back of your head, then make a line of braids and sew your Indian hair extension directly on the braid
  • Attach the extension to your hair about 1.5 cm from the scalp
  • Start again and do one by one all over the back of the head without forgetting the sides
  • Once the locks are in place, style the whole thing to mix the locks with your hair.

Simple to remove, just detach the extensions!

How to properly care for Straight Virgin Indian Weave Hair Extensions?

Having beautiful reusable extensions over time requires maintenance, on this, it requires proper care.

  • Apply a mild shampoo and conditioner suitable for your extensions
  • Virgin Indian weave hair extensions can be washed and restyled like your own hair.
  • A moisturizing oil is also recommended for proper maintenance of your extensions and especially to protect them well.
  • Dry your hair with lukewarm air, holding the hair dryer at least 15 cm away from your scalp and the attachment points.

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