Pre-Stretched Hair Extensions Yaki 26 inches





African hairstyles look fresh and unique. A beautiful hairstyle made with our pre- stretched yaki locks , a nude makeup and your face will light up like never before. These additions of braiding wicks will help you achieve your most beautiful African hairstyle ideas.

The additions of braiding wicks are beneficial hair inventions. In addition to avoiding the risk of breakage, they allow hydration and care of the scalp. They give a more natural look than weaves, especially when the texture of the locks matches your natural hair.

We offer you the best with our 26 inch Yaki hair extensions . In addition to providing you with a nice volume, they are already pre-stretched and ready to use. You can dare all styles of braids to embellish your beautiful mane.

A few features differentiate these braiding locks from others:

  • The bits are pre-stretched so you don’t waste your time.
  • They promise you a fairly large volume with its 26 inches
  • Unleash the creativity that is in you and make room for improvisation thanks to the several existing colors, with 2 color tones. For a more natural look, opt for black or ash brown. For more extravagance, dare color.

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