Ponytail Hairpiece Wavy Synthetic Extension 22 inches 160g





You are looking for a quality hairpiece with several styles, practical to achieve your fashion hairstyles, you can opt for the ponytail hairpiece extension synthetic wavy 22 inches 160g.

The ponytail hairpiece is ideal for giving you an updo look that will bring out your natural beauty. Indeed, this long ponytail will clear the outline of your face and refine your top to sublimate your head carriage.
When you feel like swapping your wig for a chignon topped with a magnificent ponytail hairpiece , you go for it with style. Practical and easy to style, you say goodbye to sad and simplistic chignons and you choose this wavy texture that enhances your beautiful natural hair for an impeccable result between chic and contemporary

The soft and silky touch of your ponytail hairpiece makes it unique. Thick without being heavy, it is just lighter than natural hair and its length is in no way awkward. On the contrary, as beautiful and long as your hairpiece is, it remains comfortable and very pleasant to wear.

Your ponytail hairpiece has become a very trendy fashion accessory. In a wavy ponytail, it is reusable and remains really accessible to all budgets. You can even compose several looks and styles thanks to the variety of the collection.

How to maintain the quality of your 22 inch 160g wavy synthetic hairpiece extension ponytail?

To ensure the longevity of your ponytail hairpiece , it is essential that you detangle it regularly with a suitable brush. You can take care of it as if it were your natural hair. Opt for a soft brush that does not attack the fiber or a wide-toothed comb that does not catch the hair. Unlike your hair, reverse brushing and work from tips to roots. It is also common to use a detangling product such as the special maintenance oil for hairpieces.

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10, 10-613, 1B, 1B-27, 1B-8, 4A, 8T-25


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