Lace Frontal 13x6 Closure Straight Virgin Indian Hair





The Lace Frontal is the revolutionary hair invention for those who want to protect their hair.

Each of our closures has many advantages and allows you to have a natural and pleasant to see weaving finish. The  Indian hair 13×6 lace frontal  has the advantage of covering 1/3 of your head, which makes it the most suitable for certain hairstyles. This 13×6 closure is made of straight Indian hair.

Our straight Indian hair 13×6 lace frontal guarantees you perfect hairstyles all year round. High-end weaves! Remember to combine your 13×6 closure with our smooth Indian weaves for an impeccable result.

Here are some qualities of this 13×6 frontal closure:

  • Virgin Indian hair implanted on all sides, guaranteed volume and length
  • Extended coverage area which reduces the number of weaves to use
  • Babys hairs well in place to be able to flatten and give a more natural look to your hairstyle
  • Closure with transparent Swiss lace
  • A competitive price for a product to be used all year round 

How to apply the 13×6 Indian hair lace frontal with hairspray?

Securing the closure with hair spray is one of the many ways to style the lace front. Unlike thread and glue, it is easily removed with water. Follow his steps to apply the 13×6 Indian hair lace frontal with hairspray:

  • Put hairspray on the part where you want to position the front closure
  • Place the closure and hold firmly
  • Work the babys hairs for a natural and neat finish

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Indian Virgin Hair, Premium Quality

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