KI-KISE Wig Knots Concealer Sticks for Closures and Wigs





 All women dream of hair extensions that make an incredible natural effect, a wig that can be done to your own hair without a doubt. The KI-KISE knot concealer has been designed for this to give your transparent lace the finish that makes it truly invisible. It’s your hair make-up, it corrects imperfections, conceals the visible lace on your closure and harmonizes the color of your transparent lace with that of your scalp. The result is surprising and goes beyond your expectations. Perfecting your hairstyle has never been easier. An effective and high quality concealer that does not damage your extensions but gives them a natural shine from the root.

 Several shades of the corrector for the front lace are available. For a guaranteed natural effect, please choose the one that most closely matches your skin tone.

How to use Wig Knots Concealer Ki-kise

  • Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone.
  • Flip your lace/wig inside out.
  • Secure the wig with the clips to separate the hair from the visible lace.
  • Apply the corrective care directly on the lace and on the roots of locks around the lace
  • Rub in gently until you get the coverage you want.
  • You can mix the shades to get more different shades.
  • Use a hair dryer after application for a quick result or leave to dry for 15-20mins
  • Comb the wig back to its natural style once the concealer has completely dried
  • Put on your wig and style it as you usually do.
  • You will need a little oil to remove any concealer that may be on the hair for a flawless finish.
  • To maintain a perfect and consistent finish, wipe off excess oil with a cloth.


Seaweed extract, vitamins, elastin, pearl powder, talcum powder, Kaolin and titanium dioxide, zinc stearate and zinc bucciate, calcium and magnesium carbonate.

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Lace Dye


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