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KI-KISE Wig and Hair Extension Glue Remover has been specially formulated to dissolve the glue from your hair extensions quickly and effortlessly.

Your tape or other extensions come off gently, your leather your skin and your hair are protected and preserved from breakage.

This oil-based glue remover is ideal for delicate scalps and is very effective even for strong glues. You take off your extensions and wigs without pulling or damaging them. This remover is ideal for adhesive tape, a few sprays are more than enough.

KI-KISE glue remover made from mineral spirits and natural plant extracts can be used on all types of glue used for wigs and all types of hair extension tape. It doesn’t have to be KI-KISE’s waterproof glue.

KI-KISE Glue Remover will dissolve glue from your wig and skin in such a clean, safe, quick and easy way.

How to use

  • Do this by firmly spraying a sufficient amount of adhesive glue remover onto the glued surface.
  • Let the product penetrate for a few seconds (about 60 seconds). The reaction rate is determined by the amount of glue that has accumulated on the hair.
  • Then peel off your wig or tape-in ​​strips gently without pulling on the hair, if you feel resistance, spray your KI-KISE glue remover again, It’s quick and easy to remove hair extensions carefully from the tip fingers.
  • After removing all the adhesive from the hair extensions, wash and rinse your hair.
  • This product also helps to ensure that the scalp does not dry out and the hair is properly conditioned.

How to maintain it

  • Our hair extension glue remover has been designed to reduce tugging and twisting during the hair extension removal procedure.
  • KI-KISE wig glue remover is not only gentle on the skin, but an ally to preserve your hair from breakage and hair loss!
  • Pure natural plant extracts won’t affect your hair or skin, and it’s completely safe, as it contains no irritating chemicals or toxins.
  • After removing all the adhesive from the hair extensions, wash your hair and the extensions with shampoo and conditioner to remove any remaining solvent.

Ingredients : Mineral essence and natural vegetable oil.

Hair Type : Hair Wig, Hair Extension.

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