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With KI-KISE styling gel become a baby hair professional, it is now easy to tame even the shortest hairs and give your natural hairstyles a neat look with smooth edges.

KI-KISE styling gel is effective on all hair types, a small amount is enough to bring shine to your hairstyle, it is a gel specially designed for baby hair. Your little short hair will now be disciplined and mixed with the longer ones for a more beautiful hairstyle with a long-lasting effect.

KI-KISE smoothing gels have a transparent texture and leave no residue. Your hair is straightened cleanly.

We also offer you a brush accompanied by your smoothing gel so you can make beautiful waves on your hair edges

KI-KISE hair gel is formulated on a water-based, alcohol-free basis. It provides exceptional hold without flaking. This hair gel brings shine and hydration while fixing the ends.

Natural ingredients and essential nutrients combine in Ki-Kise Edge Control Hair Gel to make hair shinier. It is suitable for both natural hair and relaxed hair.

How to use it

  • Wet your hair! Spray them with water using a spray bottle.
  • Apply a small amount of KI-KISE hair gel to your brush and smooth your baby hair from bottom to top.
  • Smooth your baby hair with a clean brush (or your fingertips) for a perfect look and hold.
  • Depending on the length of your short hair and the look you want to achieve, try a simple curve or be a little more creative.
  • Cover your hair with a scarf for several minutes before going outside, or keep it on overnight if you want to style your edges ahead of time. Layered edges can flourish in all the best hairstyles.
How to maintain
  • Frequent application of edge control wax can lead to buildup, flakes and breakage. So please clean your hair edges cleanly before applying the product again.
  • Your baby hair will be protected as long as you use moisturizing products and a gentle technique. Add some moisturizing oil to your hair.

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