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Who has never dreamed of being able to have silky and shiny hair? This is exactly the effect that our high-end Vietnamese hair weave extensions will have on you.

We invite you to discover quality extensions, authentic Vietnamese hair weaves, 100% human and 100% natural but above all at an incredible price!

Our high quality smooth Vietnamese hair weave extensions are suitable for all hair types, so take advantage, the promo offers don’t wait!

Our weaves have different lengths which range from 16 inches to 22 inches, allowing you to have more choices on how you want to have a little change in your hairstyle.

  • Our smooth Vietnamese hair weave extensions are of very high quality
  • You can style, straighten, dye and reuse your hair extensions as much and as often as you want.
  • The weft line is tight and neat
  • Soft and silky hair extensions
          All about laying smooth Vietnamese weave extensions

We offer you on this article another method of posting natural hair weaves: we speak of a closed weave

  • Wash your hair well before applying the weaves
  • Make flat braids all over the head, your entire skull will be covered with flat braids
  • The weaving will therefore cover all the braids
  • Then start sewing the strips of hair additions on the braids. It protects your hair because it protects it from external aggressions (cold, UV, etc.).
  • If you want to do a closed weave, it is recommended to go see a professional and choose your weave carefully for a natural effect.

Comment entretenir les Tissages Cheveux Naturels Vietnamiens et les conserver un maximum de temps

Nos extensions tissages cheveux vietnamiens lisses proviennent de cheveux humains.

  • Comme pour vos vrais cheveux, vous pouvez les laver une fois par semaine. Assurez-vous de bien sécher entre les lignes de tresses
  • Il faut effectuer un soin sur votre cuir chevelu, mais aussi sur vos longueurs pour les nourrir et les hydrater en profondeur afin qu’ils retrouvent douceur et souplesse.
  • Lorsque vous les retirer, vous pouvez à nouveau les laver, sécher et ranger dans un endroit sec.
  • N’oubliez pas des masques nourrissants ou hydratants sur vos longueurs pour maximiser l’entretien et les revitaliser. Nous avons des produits très adaptés à ces soins
  • In the evening, try to tie them up and protect them with a  satin scarf  to avoid rubbing your weave

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16, 18, 20, 22

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Hair Weaving




Grade 10A


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