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Your hair, a natural capital of beauty. However, thanks to new technologies, you can now increase your capital as you wish. To perfect your hairstyle, especially on D-Day, choose high buns with curly synthetic hair extensions.

These high buns , much appreciated by hairdressers, have the advantage of being beautiful and meeting all your requirements such as their conformity to real natural hair and therefore their undetectable side. Their ease of carrying, thanks to their lightness. Their ease of installation, therefore, does not cause additional constraints.

Your high buns are perfect for executing the newest bun trend, the pun. Halfway between the ponytail and the chignon, the bun cracks the schoolgirl in the same way as the Hollywood star. A hybrid style that seduces the most sophisticated and simple of all. This daring hair look, achieved with your high buns , gives you a casual, slightly wild and falsely neglected look. Whether you have short hair or long hair, this curly extension will allow you to achieve your bun.

How to style your curly synthetic curly high bun hairstyle for wedding extensions?

First, pull your hair up into a slightly messy ponytail, and on the final twist, leave the tip of your hair inside to form a big curl. Make sure you look the way you want. Then, take U clips that you attach to your high buns around the elastic, leaving them in the tousled-style.
However, for a D-day, do not improvise hairdresser, because indeed, having the advice of a professional can change everything. Moreover, it is an important and unique day, so go through a professional who will have you try out several types of high buns before your day.

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