Hair Comb Kit, Set of 10 Professional Hairdressing Combs



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With our kit of 10 hair combs you have everything you need to succeed in your hairstyles. This 10-in-1 kit has been designed for hairdressing professionals who have to make different cuts every day, each with a specific tool and comb. Of course for your hairstyles at home you can also benefit from our set of 10 combs at low prices.

Our strong plastic combs are available in a wide range of styles including wide tooth combs, metal tail combs and rake style double tail detangling combs. Everything you need to gently detangle your hair without breakage. You can complete your kit of 10 hair combs with our hair clips. Do your hair at home as if you were in a professional salon.

Why should you buy our 10 piece hair comb set?

  • The set of hair combs are made to measure and with quality materials
  • The combs are suitable for all styling techniques
  • The combs will quickly detangle fine, thick or curly hair without damaging it.
  • Wide-toothed comb tames your natural curls
  • The symmetry and spacing between the teeth of the ten combs are perfect. They have a smooth end to protect your hair and prevent it from breaking while you use them.
  • The metal shanks can be used to part hair effectively, and the fine teeth can be used to accurately measure lengths when cutting hair.
  • To avoid pulling, tangling or damaging the hair, each of our combs are made with straight, sturdy teeth of varying sizes and densities.
  • The comb set is packaged in a transparent soft plastic case, which can be easily washed and stored after use.
  • Convenient to carry

How to care for your hair combs

  • Remove the hair from your combs.
  • Fill a bowl halfway with warm water and a dollop of shampoo.
  • Immerse your hair combs in hot water for 15-30 minutes.
  • To clean dirt, scrub with a soft brush or toothbrush.
  • Let your combs air dry
  • Store the combs in their case and keep


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