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We now have a brand new hair coloring kit to do your home dyeing like a pro.

Our coloring kit is complete and contains all the necessary accessories for successful hair coloring. A hair coloring brush and a mixing bowl are included in this kit.

Our hair dye kit is washable and reusable

It is meant to make your hair coloring experience crisp, clean and relaxing with optimal results.

How to use our Hair Color Kit

  • Start by parting your hair down the center, then comb four sections from ear to ear and along the back.
  • To keep the sections separate, use your sectioning pliers.
  • Apply your color using a dye brush first at the roots, then comb through the rest of the hair, section by section.
  • When you get to the back parts of your hair, divide it into smaller parts and flip the hair forward when you’re done.
  • Allow some time for your color to appear. Use shampoo and conditioner.

How to Take Care of Your Dye Equipment 

  • Remove the bristles every time you use the brush.
  • Easy to clean and wash. All items are reusable.
  • Simply soak the colored brushes and combs, as well as the bowls, in a container filled with warm water and cleansing shampoo. This helps to remove chemical buildup and keep your brushes sparkling clean.
  • Let them air dry or clean with a towel

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