Faux Chignons Synthetic Hair Scrunchies with Elastic Natural Effect





If you are looking for a hairstyle that is simple to make, timeless and that can suit any look, don’t look far, opt for synthetic faux bun scrunchies with natural-effect elastic.

These synthetic chignons are the latest trend and give you a nice romantic air. They are made of high quality fibers with a stunning structure of real hair. They were designed to add volume to your hair, whether you choose to style it in a bun or a ponytail. Soft and comfortable like your natural hair, your favorite synthetic chignons blend into it and are completely undetectable. This bun extension is very easy to wear thanks to its elastic headband. The messy scrunchie bun can do two tricks in your ponytail bun. If you feel it is too thick, you can secure it with a less chunky accessory and make sure you tighten it well.

The darling bun is placed around your ponytail or your hair up to give a natural, comfortable and elegant look in all circumstances. Your favorite synthetic faux chignons are suitable for regular or occasional use, party or no party. Its wavy texture resembles human hair and this faux bun can be placed and removed easily.

How to enhance a hairstyle made with your favorite synthetic faux chignons with elastic natural effect?

To play on the realistic effect, you can use a headband with your favorite synthetic chignons. Wrap your hair around and let a few strands escape for a bohemian style. If you want a stricter bun, opt for the classic dancer bun and depending on your occasion, add a hair jewel to soften the style. If you prefer a chignon bun, but are still looking for a change, opt for the chignon bun which will give you a sophisticated and relaxed look.

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#30H33, 12H24#, 27H4#, 30#, 33#, 350/33#, 6#, 613

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Scrunchy buns


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