Easy to Layer Sleek Ponytail, Ponytail Extension with Wrap Drawstring





You want to have a nice finish to your outfit with long hair tied back that would show off your pretty face. Grab the easy to lay smooth ponytail, drawstring ponytail extension.

These smooth ponytail extensions are made with quality synthetic fibers, hence its silky feel. These are exclusively Japanese kanekalon fibers, heat resistant. These extensions blend with natural hair. You can put them on, wear them and take them off in a few quick steps. It only takes a few minutes and your appearance is completely transformed. Your smooth ponytail extensions are attached by a clip and a scratch band, which have the advantage of holding well even on voluminous hair.
This ponytail extension adds volume to your ponytail and can be worn for any occasion. They will make you look charming whether you are going to a carnival, a family event, a date or a business meeting.

Your smooth ponytail extensions can be used up to more than ten times depending on the maintenance you give them. Yes, they are washable, but they are also available in different colors and styles in the collection so you can choose the ones that suit you best.

If you dream of a beautiful, very thick ponytail but your hair does not allow it, fall for the fake ponytail in natural hair!
Thickness and volume are at the rendezvous, Your smooth ponytail extensions can adapt to your natural hair, whether straight or straight. You don’t need to apply any product or oil to this ponytail or it will get sticky. On the other hand, shampoo it and when it dries, brush it gently along the length. If tangled, you can untie the knot with your fingers.

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10, 10-613, 1B, 1B-27, 1B-8, 4A, 4A-25


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