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Ki-Kise Lace Tint Spray is a water-based solution that melts your lace and precisely matches your skin tone. It helps you choose the right shade and gives your lace wigs a more realistic touch. This quick, colorful and customizable spray has been formulated to blend with your skin tone and conceal lace. So it is important to have the best lace dye spray.

 All you have to do now is spray and stay gorgeous! Ki- Kise lace tint spray for closures and wigs has been designed to adapt to your skin tone and it dries quickly. Totally waterproof. This spray leaves no residue on the hair.

To provide a clean and natural look, Ki-Kise Lace Tint Spray  has been precisely created to establish an invisible barrier between the scalp and the lace trim of the replacement hair.

How to Use Lace Tint Spray Dye Closures and Wigs

  • Shake the color spray well before spraying, and hold it 3-6 inches away from your closure or wig
  • Hold the lace wig upside down, as you will be spraying the inside of your lace wig
  • To achieve a toned shade, evenly spray the lace of your wig inside out until you reach your desired shade.
  • Allow to air dry completely or use a hair dryer for immediate results. (Air drying is recommended)
  • Once it’s dry, it’s over! The product is ready to use.
  • You won’t even realize you’re wearing something.
  • Enjoy the natural texture of your lace.


  • Citric Acid, Distilled Water, Color Blend, Essential Oil Blend, Sodium Chloride, Witch Hazel.
  • Does not contain harmful chemical materials.

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Brown, Golden Brown, Reddish Brown




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