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Our glass jar for disinfectant is the accessory you need in your hairdressing salon or at home to disinfect and sterilize all your hairdressing tools. This 1500ml glass jar will allow you to use your disinfectant for hairdressing equipment without any waste.

The disinfection jar is designed to disinfect hairdressing and beauty tools effectively and safely. The jar has a button that presses firmly against the mouth of the jar and is made of super strong glass. It also has a non-slip rubber pad to prevent the jar from slipping or falling. The non-slip bottom of our hairdressing equipment sanitizing jar ensures that it stays in place even on a smooth table

The Hairdressing Equipment Sanitizer Jar is made of high quality glass and stainless steel, and is designed to provide years of use. The top cover features a crystal glass knob for a dazzling look and comfortable grip. This sanitizer jar can be used to clean hair combs, hairbrushes, sponges, clippers, scissors, razors, etc.

Safety first ! Our disinfectant jar is transportable which allows you to work with sterilized equipment everywhere.

How to disinfect your hairdressing tools with our disinfection jar?

The use of the hairdressing equipment disinfectant jar is simple and precise.

  • Please clean your hairdressing tools first and remove any residue of hair or locks.
  • Wash your hairdressing equipment with a little warm water and shampoo
  • Dry the hairdressing equipment with a clean handkerchief or towel
  • Immerse your hairdressing equipment in the disinfection jar
  • Add the sanitizer until it completely covers the styling tools
  • Let your hairdressing equipment soak for 10mins

Your hairdressing equipment is sterilized and ready to use

How to take care of your sanitizing jar for hairdressing equipment

  • Clean your jar after use
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Dry it with a clean towel and close the lid

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