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Cro regina women’s crochet braids are magical!! They will allow you in no time to have a magnificent hairstyle where volume and length are guaranteed.

The Cro Regina black crochet braids for women are smooth synthetic hair extensions with hooks on the end. Which changes from weaving or even clip-in extensions but with the same result. It’s just another way to apply extensions.

Cro Regina hair extensions are soft, smooth and luminous. The result is natural and breathtaking.

This type of braid hook has a few features that only work to your advantage:

  • The dazzling black color will look chic on your hair
  • It goes well with straight hair types

How to set up your crochet braids for women?

Knowing how to apply Cro Regina crochet braids guarantees the desired good result. If you want to be satisfied with the result, apply yourself in the installation of these braids hooks by following these few steps:

  • The essential step is to make braids lying from the front to the nape of the neck.
  • Make small pigtails so that the ends attach. The hairstyle will hold a little more with its small mats.
  • Integrate your locks on the braids using the hook and tie knots with the additions, before tightening slightly.

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3pcs 180g

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Crochet Braids


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