Closure 13×4 Lace Frontale Body Wave avec Baby Hairs





There are several ways to pose a weaving, but beyond the pose we are looking for aesthetics, the perfect hairstyle. That’s where our 13×4 lace front closures with baby hairs come in . Indeed this 13×4 closure will give your body wave weaving the perfect finish for a natural and classy hairstyle.

The 13 x 4 frontal closure is large enough to cover the front part of your weave, its aligned cuticles will naturally adhere to the rest of the weave. The baby hairs attached to the Swiss lace hug the natural line of your hair. The advantage of this body wave closure is that it can also be combined with a smooth weave of the same color, with your straightener you can give it even more allure.

The 13×4 lace frontal closure with baby hairs will guarantee you:

  • A 100% natural result
  • Closure undetectable. Thanks to the cuticles that follow the growth of your hair, your weaving will be undetectable
  • A stylish and trendy hairstyle
  • Immediate length. She is 12 inches tall.

How to choose the right 13×4 closure for your weave?

In order not to waste money or your time, we give you here some advice in choosing your closure:

  • Choose good quality. The closure must be close to your hair type as well as its natural color.
  • The color of the lace should be closest to that of your scalp. This ensures an impeccable and totally natural result. You can use our Lace Tint Spray  and wigs knots concealer products

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