Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Tail Comb





A unique collection of excellent quality carbon fiber hair combs for professional use even in front of your dressing table.

Our collection of carbon fiber combs contains several varieties of combs that you can easily adapt to the needs of your haircut and the length of your hair.

With our collection of antistatic carbon fiber combs you have something to gently detangle your hair, something to shorten overly long ends or even to perfect your haircut.

Our carbon fiber combs are mixed use and can be used by both men and women.

  • Our combs are made of carbon fiber, which is anti-static and heat-resistant, unbreakable and durable.
  • Our strong carbon fiber combs are essential accessories for your dressing table.
  • They are light and easily transportable, always have flawless hair even on the go. 

Why Buy our Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Combs

  • They are suitable for cutting hair, dyeing, styling and other hair-related tasks.
  • It works on both dry and wet hair
  • Suitable for all hair types, all hair lines.
  • Cutting combs easy to use by both men and women 
How to clean your combs
  • Remove the hair from the comb.
  • Half fill a bowl or sink with water and a handful of shampoo.
  • Soak the comb for several minutes in water, then, using a soft brush wash your combs
  • Towel dry and store

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Type of product

Comb hair


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