Brazilian Afro Curly Semi-Natural Intense Volume Wig





Treat yourself to the hair of your dreams with a new wig! We offer you our natural afro curly brazilian wig intense volume . Beautiful, silky, well-defined curls at 180% density give you this amazing wig. No matter your usual style, these gorgeous curls will win you over.

Our Brazilian Afro Curly Natural Intense Volume Wig gives you the opportunity to create contoured, glamorous looks as well as classic everyday hairstyles.

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  • Made of Premium synthetic fiber, it is very light and heat resistant up to 180 degrees
  • M cup size available with 22 inch length
  • curly texture
  • Density: 180% (Extra volume)
  • Our natural Afro Brazilian curly wig is an undetectable wig and gives a natural look

How to Place Your 180% Density Semi-Natural Afro Curly Brazilian Wigs

  • Prepare your hair well: Your hair should be as flat as possible.
  • Put on a wig cap , to prevent the wig from slipping and also to protect your hair.
  • Secure your wig slowly, working from back to front. Make sure she’s in the position you want
  • Check if the wig is well fixed
  • For a wig that stays fixed no matter the movement, please try our non-slip headbands that hold your wigs no matter how your head moves.

Tips for Caring for Your Semi-Natural Afro Curly Brazilian Wig

  • It is essential to take good care of your wig so that it keeps all its freshness
  • Clean your wig with a suitable shampoo
  • Then place the wig on a wig stand to dry naturally.
  • Store your wig when dry in the satin wig bag offered by Xquisite Hair Line with your purchase.
  • Don’t forget to detangle them every day by running your fingers through the curls

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