Antibacterial & antistatic natural bamboo wooden hairbrush





Our natural bamboo wood anti-static hairbrushes are made from the highest quality bamboo wood and produced ethically. The interior of this large hairbrush is made of a beautiful cushion of boar bristles. A flexible and ecological brush that is suitable for all hair types.

Our natural bamboo wood brush is antibacterial, you don’t have to worry about bacteria and mold growing in your brush. Our hairbrushes provide optimal comfort while gently massaging your scalp to stimulate natural hair growth.

It is an ecological bamboo hairbrush made of completely biodegradable natural fibres. It helps detangle hair while exfoliating for thorough cleansing and a healthy scalp. Boar bristles not only allow the sebum of your scalp to be well distributed over the length of the hair, but also to neutralize the static electricity of your hair.

Our natural bamboo and boar bristle hair brush helps prevent split ends and damage to your hair. Boar bristles are soft and skin-friendly and won’t damage your hair or scalp. The natural bamboo hairbrush has a wide shape which is ideal for brushing very long or thick hair.

How to use the natural bamboo and boar bristle hairbrush

  • Start by combing or brushing the lower ends of your hair.
  • Remove knots with a comb and light pressure.

How to care for the natural bamboo and boar bristle hairbrush

  • Use a fine comb to remove the rest of the hair from the natural bamboo hairbrush
  • Clean with water and a little shampoo or liquid soap your biodegradable bamboo hairbrush
  • Rinse the hairbrush and let it air dry or clean with a clean towel.

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