Anti-Slip Headband for Lace Grip Wig





What could be more unpleasant than a wig that slips at the slightest movement or flies away as soon as there is a little wind. Solve this problem with our non-slip wig strips.

Our non-slip lace grip wig strips are for use under your wig to keep it in place. Our lace grip wig or anti-slip wig band is adjustable and suitable for all head sizes. This wig grip tape is lightweight and unnoticeable, so you can wear it all day.

How to wear your lace grip wig grip tape

  • First of all, disinfect the areas where the wig holder will be placed. To remove any impurities that could prevent the tape from adhering to your skin, use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.
  • Then, carefully lay the wig tape over your head and seal it.
  • To make it look more natural, match it to your hairline.
  • The lace wig tape is fully adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to your head size.
  • It prevents hair loss and baldness by forming a barrier between your head and the materials of the wig which reduces the discomfort related to the wig.

How to care for your wig grip tape

  • After using your lace grip wig, wash it with a mild shampoo and air dry it.
  • Handwash only

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