7PCS Full Head Wavy Synthetic Hair Clip In Extensions





Clip-in extensions that can be applied and removed in minutes for a wow effect, enough to make you want to change your look every day. Our wavy synthetic hair clip-in extensions allow you to change your look as many times as you want without having to spend hours at the hairdresser.

Each pack consists of 7 pieces of 22 inch synthetic clip-in extensions for 160g which is more than enough for an entire head unless you want even more volume.

These wavy synthetic hair clip in extensions though low price are of excellent quality and blend with your hair, easy to comb and straighten. We also have the same synthetic clip in extensions in a smooth version here . 

For a natural look, synthetic fiber extensions blend easily with your natural hair. So your hair looks thicker and fuller effortlessly.

These synthetic clip in hair extensions are available in a variety of colors.

All of these synthetic clip in extensions are made by our specialists using the highest quality ingredients and techniques.

These 7PCS synthetic clip in extensions are natural looking, silky smooth and free from harmful chemicals.

How to place your 7pcs synthetic clip in extensions

  • Your hair must be clean and well detangled before applying the 7PCS synthetic clip in extensions
  • You will also need a tail comb
  • Open your hair for the installation of the first clip-in extension strip and refine the line with the end of your tail comb 
  • Hold the other hair with clamps to prevent the hair from covering the area delimited for the pose  
  • Open the clips of the extensions and clip them to the place indicated
  • Renouvelez l’opération avec les autres bandes
  • Coiffez vos cheveux pour avoir le look naturel désiré.

Comment entretenir vos extensions à clips synthétiques

  • Utilisez autant que possible des shampooings et des après-shampooings formulés spécifiquement pour les extensions synthétiques.
  • Simple à nettoyer et à entretenir, il suffit d’un shampooing doux formulés pour cheveux synthétiques.
  • Lavez-les ensuite à l’eau tiède et séchez-les à plat sur une serviette.
  • Laissez-les sécher à l’air libre ; nous vous déconseillons de les sécher au sèche-cheveux.
  • Les extensions de cheveux sont ondulées, ne perdent pas leurs cheveux, ne s’emmêlent pas, peuvent être lavées et re-coiffées comme vos propres cheveux.
  • Vous vous sentez plus à l’aise lorsque vous les portez.
  • We recommend Ki-kise hair mousse to restore their natural shine  

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