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Crochets braids

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are harmless for healthy hair. In addition, to prevent damage to the hair ends, strengthening treatments should be performed 4 to 6 weeks before the application of extensions. This applies to all hair types.

After the application, only silicone-free products are allowed. This guarantees the preservation of the glue of the extensions and the quality of the real hair.

It is important to consider the length of the natural hair before considering hair extensions. The minimum length required is 8 to 10 cm. True experts can still try extensions for very short hair, starting at 5 cm.

Our natural hair extensions can be treated like real hair. It is possible to use a straightener or a curling iron to give your new hair a unique texture. However, the maximum temperature of the device is limited to 180°C.

  1. Choose a fairly gentle temperature, 150°C on average.

  2. Before starting the straightening, untangle the hair extensions with a brush made of boar’s hair.

  3. Treat only dry strands

  4. Smooth the strands one by one, avoiding touching the ends

  5. Use oils and serums.

Removing extensions requires specific know-how. It must be done by a professional. Return to the expert who applied your hair extensions in order to preserve the condition of your real hair. The session will be concluded with natural hair care.

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on a few characteristics, namely the length (8 to 28 inches), the quality (smooth, frizzy, wavy) and the nature of the extensions (human or synthetic). Natural fibers are the most expensive. It is also important to budget for cold or hot applications.

At Xquisite Hair Line, you will find extensions for every budget. Don’t hesitate to ask for a customized quote by writing to us on WhatsApp or by email at info@xquisitehairline.com

Whether you choose synthetic or natural fibers, you are free to adjust the length of your extensions. It is even possible to change the style according to the shape of your face.


The hair extensions care is very similar to that of normal hair. For natural hair extensions, you can wash them once a week. Use nourishing and moisturizing masks to condition the extensions. These products also keep the hair shiny and soft.

Clip-in extensions should be removed at night to maintain their quality and aesthetics. However, for a closed extension, it is advisable to wear a scarf or sleep cap preferably in satin to sleep. This technique allows the head to be covered favorably to prevent the effects of friction.

Use a dedicated hair extension brush for regular hair brushing of your scalp. This type of brush has soft bristles for gentle brushing. You will have to start from the roots and work your way to the hair ends. Style your hair in braids before going to bed to avoid knots.

Real hair continues to grow even in the presence of hair extensions. The strands are not attached to the scalp, but directly to the real hair. The hair fibers remain intact as the hair growth remains at 1 cm per month.

A virgin hair is an extension taken from a human head. It refers to the hair extensions offered by beautiful Asian (Indian, Indonesian and Vietnamese) and Brazilian women. It has not been chemically treated or blown dry.

Virgin hair is natural hair of superior quality. Not only has it not undergone any transformation like natural hair, but it comes from young people and has been cared for over a long period of time for a top quality product.

Remy hair is first and foremost a 100% human hair without any mixing. It is therefore a natural hair that has received the “Remy Hair” quality label.

By choosing Remy hair extensions, the following features are available :

  1. Hair strands belonging to one person

  2. Hair strands with healthy, intact and well-aligned cuticles

  3. Reusable hair strands for multiple use.

Whether it is a cold, hot or clip-in extension, the application is not painful. Moreover, thanks to the addition of a considerable volume of hair, you may feel a heavier weight than usual on your head. What could be more normal ? It is therefore important to allow a little time to adjust to the new length and volume of your hair.

The application time depends on the volume of the hair desired. The more strands you need, the longer the process will take. Plan to spend an average of 3 to 5 hours in a hair salon.

An intact cuticle is soft and shiny hair. In other words, the outer layer of the hair is pleasant to look at and touch. All hair shafts are oriented in the same direction, making tangles and kinks impossible.

Hair extension professionals apply thoughtful techniques to provide impeccable results. The strands will be mixed with the real hair. However, it is important to bring the hair back to avoid the appearance of braids. For the finishing phase of the application, a root touch-up spray should be applied.

There are hair extensions for all hair types. At Xquisite Hair Line, you can find them. If you have curly hair, the same application techniques are also available : cold, hot and clip-in. However, you should plan particular care to keep your curls intact. For instance, you need to acquire a comb with large teeth. In addition, you should use a PH neutral shampoo.

For a hot extension, each strand is fixed with the help of heating clips at 0.5 to 1 cm from the roots of the real hair. The ends of the strands are equipped with keratin to discreetly hook into the mane. The operation requires the expertise of a professional and also patience.

Real hair can be less oxygenated after the application of keratin hair extensions. They can be weakened over time. It is possible to cope with the loss of natural hair. For this reason, it is recommended to use strengthening treatments before the hair extensions are applied. Then, the maximum duration of the keratin extension should not exceed 5 months.

Hair extensions imply a significant investment. After removing the strands, feel free to keep them. If your extensions are still of impeccable quality, especially the natural fiber ones, you can take them back for extensions later.

Hair extensions last 2 to 12 months. The life span of these extensions generally depends on the care given to them by their owner. The speed at which the real hair grows back is also important. On average, you should only keep them for about 4 to 6 months in order to preserve the health of the real hair.

The extensions are easy to handle. You can perform the same care as the original hair. All you need to do is to apply a moisturizing or conditioning product to keep the hair looking good. The use of a straightening or curling iron is even possible, as long as the temperature does not exceed 180°C.

The amount of hair needed for an extension depends on the desired volume. Natural fibers for a full head of hair usually range from 100 to 150 grams. For a full head of hair, you will need to purchase a minimum of 20 strands. You will need between 30 and 70 strands to gain length. If you want an intense hair, the number of useful strands can go up to 150. Regarding the length of the extensions, you will find mainly 3 strands to choose from: 30 cm, 50 cm and 70 cm.

It is possible to dye and/or bleach your extensions. However, it is advisable to opt for products with low oxidation. You will have to protect the extensions attachments with aluminum foil or cellophane.

The removal of hair extensions requires the assistance of a professional in order to preserve your natural hair. Also, if you only have a few strands, try removing them at home. For a hot fusion hair extension, apply keratin remover to the base of the strands. Then simply break the glue point with a flat clip.

For a 100% natural effect, choose strands of the same color as your real hair. Don’t hesitate to ask the professional who applies the extensions for advice. However, it is possible to proceed to a bleaching to unify the color of the natural hair and the extensions.

Clip-in Extension

The longevity of a clip-in extension depends on the type of fiber. Models made of synthetic hair remain flawless for an average of 30 days. For models that include real human hair, the durability can be up to 2 years.

To begin, you must remove the extensions from your head and then close all the clips. Pour mild shampoo into warm water to soak the extensions. Gently massage the hair, following the orientation of each strand. Avoid getting the bandages and clips wet.

After rinsing with clean water, vacuum up the moisture with a terry towel, always trying to keep the strands in order. Air drying is ideal.

The dyeing of clip-in hair extensions is possible for models made of natural hair. However, this operation can weaken the synthetic fiber hair additions. The damage is irreversible if you try to dye a synthetic extension, even a high quality one.

Only natural hair extensions can be kept on your head in a pool or at the beach. In addition, the use of a hair protection product is mandatory. After a bathing party, it is recommended to wash the hair addition. With a synthetic hair extension, it must be removed before jumping into the water.

Breaking a clip does not mean the very end of the use of a clip-in extension. Take out the substitute clips, usually available in the package that contained your extensions. Subsequently, simply sew on the new clip using a needle and thread of the same color as the one on the band.

Hair weave

Anyone with straight, wavy or frizzy hair can have a weave. This application concerns all women who wish to add volume or length to their hair. As braids or glues are the basis for extensions, the minimum length of real hair is 5 cm on average. At Xquisite Hair Line, you will find weaves suitable for all hair types.

Hair weave and hair extension are both hair extensions that can help to optimize the length and the volume of the hair. Weaving consists of braiding natural hair and then sewing artificial or human additions to it. For its part, the extension refers to the extension of hair glued to keratin or attached to clips.

Well cared for weaves can last up to 3 months. This requires regular care and the use of specific care products. You will need to remove the extensions at least after 1 month of installation.

Washing the weaves is part of the useful care to avoid the development of knots. Washing in cold water is suitable. You can use a mild shampoo or a conditioner. Don’t forget to apply a protective mask. After rinsing, air dry naturally.

Closure Weave

The Top Closure is the perfect finishing touch to a wig. This hair accessory is used to give a more natural look to the wig. It is therefore, a lace with human hair that must be placed on the base of the head’s forehead.

The Top Closure comes in 3 types:

  1. The Lace Closure covers the central part of the front of the head. It has one or more hair stripes. However, models without stripes are also available. It closes the part of the wig in front of the face with strands of about 10 cm. For women who like their hair pulled back.

  2. The Frontal Lace is the ideal hair accessory. It covers the front of the head from the middle of the forehead to both ears. The strips on each side measure 10 x 33 cm each.

  3. The Lace 360, as its name indicates, is fixed around the head. In other words, it follows the outline of the scalp.

Choose the size of the Closure according to the expected results. Consider the size of the area to be covered on your forehead. Several sizes available:

  •         4 x 4 inches (10cm),
  •         5 x 5 pouces (12cm),
  •         6 x 6 inches (15cm),
  •         7 x 7 inches (17cm)
  •         8 x 8 inches (20cm).

As for the Lace 360, there is only one standard size, showing 10cm of visible wick on the forehead and 5cm on the back of the neck.

Sans la colle spéciale, il est possible de fixer la closure Lace frontal à l’aide d’un fil, suivant le même procédé qu’à la pose d’un tissage. Autrement, faire recours au gel s’avère une option efficace. Ce produit s’avère plus facile à enlever.


The wig is suitable for all women, with or without hair. This solution is suitable for those who have a bald head, but also for those with thin or short hair. You do not need to shave your head or shorten your hair before wearing a wig.

Wigs are made of high quality materials to fit the scalp easily. Even for bald people with a delicate scalp, the prosthesis does not cause discomfort. Simply wear a cap before putting on the wig. If you need it, do not hesitate to choose the cap of Xquisite Hair Line.

The durability of a natural fiber wig generally varies between 6 and 12 months or more for virgin hair. As for a prosthesis made of artificial hair, the maximum durability is 6 months. The life span of the prosthesis can be extended by removing it from your head during bed rest, sports sessions and the use of heating appliances.

Wearing a wig to bed is perfectly possible if you want to keep a good-looking hair all night long. However, this option accelerates wear and tear. Rubbing against the pillow generates knots and deteriorates the quality of the fibers. Detangling will consume your time in the morning. Sleeping with the wig on is still acceptable, but only in exceptional cases, once or twice a week at most.

The frequency of washing a wig depends on its utilization. In order to preserve its quality, it is important to wash it only after an average of 10 uses. When washing a synthetic hairpiece, avoid immersing it in water. You will only have to pass a mixture of cold water and shampoo, then proceed with the rinsing. For a natural hair model, you will have to immerse it in warm water for about fifteen minutes with shampoo.

Dyeing is highly discouraged for wigs made of synthetic fibers. However, models with natural hair can be dyed. Before proceeding with the actual dyeing, a bleaching with a mixture of oxidizing cream volume 30 and a bleaching powder is essential. Then choose a vegetable-based dye for the strands.

Styling with a wide-tooth comb is both favorable for a synthetic and natural wig. You can also use a spiked brush.

It is good to remember that the artificial model does not withstand heat. Drying, straightening and curling with high-temperature appliances are not recommended. With a natural hair prosthesis, it is possible to straighten and/or curl at high temperatures.

Put on a bathing cap if you want to jump into the water with your wig. After your nautical activity, the wig must be washed. Keep in mind that hot water and chlorine could damage your synthetic hair prosthesis. It is therefore in your best interest to buy a cheap model for your pool parties and beach tours.

The price of a wig varies according to its quality, volume and length. Models made of synthetic hair are the most affordable, handmade wigs and those made of natural hair are the most expensive with a price range from 300 CHF to 1500 CHF. Visit the Xquisite Hair Line store to discover them.

On Xquisite Hair Line you will find a quality wig at a reasonable price. In a few clicks, discover the synthetic and natural models undetectable. Order serenely from your sofa and try your wig comfortably in front of your mirror. Satisfied or refunded. Return guarantee within 30 days.

Daily brushing is the easiest way to maintain an artificial hair wig. You should schedule a weekly cleaning at least. Use a mild shampoo to keep the hair on the wig. Rinse and then air dry. Avoid dyeing your wig.

Adopt a regular care schedule if you plan to wear a wig made of human hair. Make the item silky and shiny to extend its longevity. Wash your head weekly. You can use a straightening or curling iron to ensure a beautiful look. You can dye your hair according to your taste.

Measure your head size to find the right wig size. The standard size (M) is for women with a head size between 54 and 57 cm. If your head size is less than 54 cm, you should buy a wig with a size S cap. The large size (L) is for people who have a head size of more than 57 cm.

The choice of a wig depends mainly on the morphology of the face.

  1. Round face: Enhance a round face with a wig that has medium-length, curly hair.

  2. Oval face : Choose a short and voluminous hairpiece.

  3. Round face : Find a wig with a layered cut to cover the corners of the face. Avoid models with short hair.

  4. Triangular face : Choose a wig with short hair but with voluminous waves.

African braids

Kanekalon fibers are synthetic hair extensions developed since the 1980s by a Japanese company called Kanekalon Corporation. These artificial hair were created with acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride. Favorable for the African braid, they are lighter than natural hair.

It is possible to wash crochet braids using a mild shampoo. This option removes dirt on the extensions and nourishes the real hair. Avoid scrubbing the braids of the natural hair to keep the crochet extensions well. It is in your best interest to perform a meticulous cleaning.

African braids are a protection technique for natural hair. Your hair will be preserved against polluting agents and wind blows. Moreover, when braiding, the braids should not be too tight in order to let the hair breathe. Buy your braids at Xquisite Hair Line to be sure to have a good quality product.

The African braid is suitable for all hair lengths. Even with 5 cm hair, it is possible to make a flat braid. You can use extensions to gain both volume and length.

Separate your hair in two with the tip of a tail comb. Process the right side first, tying off the left side. Take three strands. The further into the braid you go, the more volume you’ll need to add to each strand, so that the braids stick perfectly to the scalp. You can insert the additions with the strands of real hair. Past the nape of the neck, just finish the braid. Repeat the same method for the left side of the hair.

African braids should be cleaned every 15 days. Prepare a mixture of mild shampoo and warm water. It is possible to add jojoba oil in order to enhance the brilliance of the braids. You then pour this foamy liquid component on the scalp. Rub it lightly before rinsing. Air drying is the best option. You can then apply nourishing products to the braids: coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, etc.


To wear an elastic headband, curl your hair. With very straight hair, you will need a thick headband that has clips to hold it in place. If you’re going to wear a brightly colored headband, show off your bangs and avoid tying your hair up.

Hairstyle Accessories

Wig caps provide extra comfort for people with sensitive scalps. For bald women, a cap protects the skin of the head from irritation. If you use oil or other nourishing products on your natural hair, this protective accessory keeps your wig intact.

You need a strong, waterproof glue for your extensions, weaves and wigs. Make your purchase from a specialist in hair extension adhesives. The best formula keeps the real hair intact. It can be removed in time. Make sure you buy the right product and trust Xquisite Hair Line.

For extensions and wigs, use a boar bristle or hard spike brush to tangle the strands more easily. For natural hair, consider the length of your hair. With long hair, choose a wide brush. A round hairbrush is good for styling short hair.

Hair wax is one of the finishing styling products for people with short hair. It is a whitish paste that fixes the hairstyle. This product ensures a flawless hairstyle for several hours continuously, promising hair fibers brilliance.


Extensions placed one by one by hand can only be styled by the hairdresser. The hairdresser will fix the style with hairspray or wax. On the other hand, for a bun extension mounted on a clip-in, you can style them gently with a comb of your choice.

A clip-in bun extension is attached with strong glue. In order to extend its durability, it is best to keep it away from humidity. However, you can wash it with mild shampoo, once a month at most.

The natural bun remains the best option because of its durability and aesthetics. It perfectly matches the texture of real hair. The synthetic bun, on the other hand, is less expensive on the market. In addition, it comes in several patterns and shades to choose from.

Cold Fusion I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip Cold Extensions are hair extensions that are cold-fused with real hair. The tips of the extensions are attached to your natural hair for an undetectable look. This technique preserves the quality of your hair.

Cold fusion extensions do not involve high temperature appliances. The application of the extensions does not risk having bad consequences on the hair. Throughout the life of the extensions, the natural hair grows properly. In addition, it is possible to use various nourishing and moisturizing products.

The installation of cold extensions should be done by a professional. He applies effective techniques to preserve the natural hair, but also the durability of the extensions. A silicone ring facilitates the fusion of the extensions with the real hair. When you pass your hand at the end of the procedure, the extension points are not detectable.

Cold extensions do not damage the hair. No dangerous products are used for the application of the extensions. Moreover, it is possible to carry out all the rituals of hair maintenance: styling, straightening, curling and washing with shampoo.

With proper care, cold extensions can last up to 6 months. After 3 to 4 months, the growth of the natural hair begins to be more noticeable. This requires a second visit to the hairdresser to readjust the strands. At the sixth month, it is recommended to remove the extensions in order to avoid the deterioration of the real hair.

Braid additions

Braiding is a protective solution for the hair. You can use different products to properly nourish and moisturize your hair. However, a protective treatment is recommended before braiding the hair. By using loose braids, you allow oxygen to pass through to the hair fibers.

Braided additions do not prevent hair growth. However, it is important to respect some conditions when braiding in order to obtain a regrowth of about 1 cm per month. Braids should not be too tight or too heavy. In addition, regular moisturizing of the hair is a must.

Every morning, spray a moisturizing spray all along the braids. You do not have to wet the braid additions. Don’t hesitate to find specific products for braids. Once a week, wash your hair to remove grease and dirt that clings to the scalp and braids.

Once you decide to remove the additions, you need to undo the braids. Start with the ends and work your way up to the hairline. Remove the strands with your fingers. When all the extensions are free, wash your real hair with shampoo and a repairing mask.

Braided extensions stay in place for an average of 8 weeks. However, you can remove them from the 4th week onward if your scalp does not tolerate long-lasting braids. Choose thin braids to extend the life of the extensions.

Take a pair of scissors to remove the added braids. Try not to touch your natural hair. Even if the process seems simple, it requires a lot of patience. The intervention of a professional or a second person is necessary. Finally, don’t hesitate to undo the braids to start repairing your real hair.

It is necessary to make loose braids to preserve the state of the natural hair. On the other hand, the crochet can weaken the real hair if it remains too long on the head. Otherwise, the hook is an effective protective solution for the hair, because it remains protected from the sun and dirt.

Apply nourishing oil to the base of the crochet braids to nourish your scalp. You will also need to schedule regular cleansing to prevent dandruff from forming. Use a mild shampoo.

The ideal conservation period of the locks of crochet braids is 4 to 5 weeks on average. Beyond this period, your natural hair may deteriorate. It is possible to reuse the strands for the next extension by using crochet braids.

Sleep Caps

Sleep caps are a favorable accessory for the protection of hair at night. They keep the hair safe from pillow scrapes that usually lead to knots. But that’s not all! Caps preserve the nourishing and moisturizing care applied before sleeping.

Satin sleep caps are the best choice on the market. Just as cotton draws out moisture, satin leaves oils and moisturizers intact on your hair. This material keeps your hair looking straight, curly or braided.

Hair Care


Use a detangling hair brush to style your ponytail on a daily basis. A wide-tooth comb is also helpful. When not wearing your ponytail, store it on a flat surface away from heat and humidity.

You should wash your ponytail on average once a week. Immerse the ponytail in a mixture of cold water and shampoo. Massage very gently, respecting the order of the strands, for 3 to 5 minutes. After rinsing with cold water, remove excess water with a terry towel.

The ponytail has a gripping band. Simply tie the hair and then roll up this Velcro strip to cover the ponytail with the real hair. So the first step is to try to form a natural ponytail. Test the attachment of the ponytail by shaking your head.

Daily care of the ponytail is mandatory to extend its life. Brush the ponytail to detangle the strands. If you have a natural hair model, you can apply conditioning oils. Also, straightening and curling with an iron is possible.

Choose the ponytail according to the extra length of your dream hair. The longest models can fall to your hips. You should also think about the quality of the hair. A natural fiber model could be quite expensive but show a good life span. Don’t forget to consider the color of your natural hair before you make the purchase. Find the ponytail with the same theme as your real hair

Start by styling the hair well. Then, tie the hair up high enough, more precisely parallel to your eyes. Use a stable rubber band to keep the hairstyle in place. You can use hairspray to optimize the stability of the ponytail.

Ponytail extensions should be attached to hair that is well styled and secured. You will have to make a ponytail with your real hair. To enjoy exceptional length, attach the ponytail extension around the hair tie. The accessory already has a Velcro structure for effective attachment.

Find a ponytail made of professional quality synthetic fibers. Its texture mimics that of the natural hair model perfectly. Focus on prototypes that have the same color as your hair. Don’t forget to think about its length. It is possible to find a fake ponytail that measures up to 50 cm

If the strands of your synthetic ponytail have knots, first use your hand as a comb. Then spray a detangling spray on the hair, especially on the parts that need to be detangled. You can use a wide-tooth comb or boar-bristles brush to finish the process.

For daily styling, you need a soft brush, made of boar bristles. You can buy nourishing oil to keep the whole hair shiny. To wash the extensions, buy a mild silicone-free shampoo. You should have a terry towel to absorb moisture faster.

The styling mousse allows both to smooth the hair and to give a beautiful volume to the hair. You will need to apply it to wet hair with a comb. Start at the roots and work your way down to the ends. This ritual must precede the smoothing with the brushing or the curling with the curling iron.

Styling mousse figures among the best products suitable for the braids. It allows the nourishment of the scalp for a better protection of the natural hair. It also prevents dryness of the strands. Your extensions, like real hair, will remain shiny. Best of all, this product helps braids last longer.

Needless to cut off strands with a scissor if strong glue has accidentally touched your hair.You should wash your hair immediately. Apply conditioner and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then you’ll need to remove the glue with a lice brush. If the glue persists, rub the affected strand with acetone.

It is possible to dye the lace wig to match the theme of your wig. It is best to use products that do not contain ammonia or other elements that are harmful to hair fibers. Leave it to a professional to preserve your lace wig.

Style your hair every morning and before bed. This ritual minimizes the formation of knots. It is important to use products that are adapted to your hair: nourishing oil, protective cream, anti-breakage, anti-fall, repair serum, etc. You should adopt a regular washing frequency according to the characteristics of your hair. For example, if you have oily hair, it is essential to wash it two to three times a week.